SCOUT Missions

Everything you need know about SCOUT class missions and scoring is on the main MATE ROV website!

The main MATE ROV website updates its pages regularly, so check back often to get the most up-to-date information.

At times, the SCOUT manual says "Ask your Regional Coordinator..." to find out how certain issues will be handled. Here are answers to those questions:


What are the required components for the Oregon Regional?
Required elements: Product demonstration (mission), Engineering presentation (Q&A format), Marketing display (poster), Company SPEC Sheet, SIDs
NOT Required: Technical report, Corporate responsibility

When is the SID and SPEC Sheet due?
Bring hard copies of these items with you to the competition to show the judges. Consider bringing an extra copy of your SPEC sheet for the EmCee who will be talking about your team during the pool demonstrations.

Which tasks will be available for teams to attempt in the pool?
Teams will have an opportunity to attempt all three product demonstration tasks: 1) Aircraft, 2) Earthquake, and 3) Energy.

What will be provided on or near the poolside table stations for the teams to use?
The Competition will provide a power pack to which your ROV can connect using Anderson Powerpoles, a bicycle pump and tubing, and calculation supplies such as a protractor, ruler, scratch paper, pencil, and calculator. We highly recommend that teams bring their own calculation supplies, since on a busy competition day it is easy for the team before you to accidentally walk off with these items.

Will there be time for practice at the pool stations?
No, all scheduled pool times will be opportunities for teams to obtain points.

How many attempts will SCOUT teams have to complete missions?
Scout teams will have two attempts in the pool. The higher score will be used in the total score.

How long will SCOUT teams have at the pool to attempt their missions?
Each company will have a 15 minute scheduled timeslot for each attempt. The first three minutes are for set up, then they will have 10 minutes to perform the mission in the pool, and then the last two minutes are for clean up. Allow plenty of time before your scheduled time slot to be at the pool so that your ROV can be weighed and measured. Bring your green safety card with you to show that your ROV has passed its safety check.

How deep is the pool at the SCOUT station?
The pool is 3.5 ft deep at the SCOUT stations.

Will SCUBA diver assist be available at the competition?
Yes, but requesting diver support will result in a points penalty.

Must team members wear PFDs at the pool?
No, team members are not required to wear personal flotation devices. However, they must wear closed-toe shoes.

Is wireless internet avaiable at the Lincoln City Community Center?
Yes, but the signal is not strong or reliable.

Are tables provided for the Marketing Displays?
Yes, the tables will be set up in the gym. Companies will set up their displays on the table space that bears their team name.

Where are Engineering Presentations conducted?
Engineering Presentations will be conducted at scheduled times in front of the company's marketing display in the gym. SCOUT presentations will be conducted in a Q&A format.

Can we change our Team's Name?
The team names are listed
here. If for some reason your team requires a one-time name change, please contact the Regional Coordinator no later than April 21st. Your company's name should be consistent on all of your marketing materials and technical documents.


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